Trying to be optimistic on dating?

I have had some success with POF. But in the last year, I haven't had any in fact I have had several women block me or state, I will turn you in to POF admin if I "Favorite" her again. Nice lady...So I am am pretty disgruntled with dating right now. I was married for 23 years and dated many good looking women. But where I live in Boise, Idaho it has been horrible. Moving on.


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  • I never had ANY luck on POf much less any dating site, I too have come to the conclusion that they are a joke, a lot of people on there are just looking for online chat, are seperated, lonely, or the like. definitely not the way to meet a decent quality person. Sorry but true in my opinion.


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  • Christ, sorry to hear about that... I basically have heard so much bad about online dating that I refuse to do it. I think there's just something about the internet that brings out the worst in people.


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  • How many times are you 'favoriting' her? Realize that online dating is a numbers game that GREATLY favors women.

    • Twice still I saw she was dumping my "fav" like a hot potato. Then I saw her message and thought what a bit*h!

    • The best course is just to drop it and move the site says, there are Plenty of Fish

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