Her girlfriends don't approve of me, what can I do?

I recently met the roommates and girlfriends of my two month girlfriend. I really felt like we were going somewhere with our relationship.

When I met her friends they were very cold towards me and after I left the talked badly about me telling my girl not to stay with me since I wasn't as good looking as they'd like me to be and some other things.

I have done nothing but treated my girl right but since then it seems like she's kinda checking out of our relationship inch by inch.

Do you think there is anything I can do to save our relationship and how can I handle the constant scrutiny it has to endure by her friends


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  • Any friends of a girl you date will generally not like you cause all they hear is her side of things. No big deal, don't stress it - you're dating her, not her friends.

    Also if she listens and is controlled by her friends opinions then she is immature and needs to free her mind and stop being influenced. Her problem, not yours.


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  • who cares your dating her not her friends. And if your gf friends have that big of an influence on her then she's not worth it. If she likes you she won't care what her friends have to say.


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  • How would you feel if your friends talked like that about your girlfriend? What would it say about you, if you put up with that, and didn't tell your friend to shut up and stop disrespecting your girl? If your girlfriend was worth a damn she wouldn't tolerate them disrespecting you like that either, and she certainly wouldn't listen to them.

    Even if it is just out of jealously for her being treated well by a man, these "friends" are likely to keep finding reasons for her to break up with you, or to start unnecessary fights with you.

    I don't know her as well as you, but she isn't sounding like relationship material. While I don't think this in itself is a deal breaker, I would at least consider this a red flag and proceed with caution. Don't get too attached to her in case this ends up being a bigger problem. She really needs to put her big girl panties on and defend her man.