Would you stop responding to a guy's text if you were mad at him? I'm not sure what's going on?

This girl and I had been dating exclusively, and then things started getting complicated and she said she wasn't ready for a relationship, however she reached back out to me and we have seen each other since.

She was out of the country on vacation for a week and we had no communication, then coincidentally enough the day she got back I had an issue with my phone provider and would not have seen any texts that were sent to me that day, and have no way of retrieving them.

A few days after she got back I texted her to see how things were going, and got no response. I then waited a few days, and called her (no answer) and left her a text asking her out for lunch. To which I similarly got no response.

I'm really confused what's going on, and can't help imagining the scenario that she is mad at me for some reason, and the possibility that she sent a text which I never saw and that could have been why.My plan as of now is to wait a week and then reach out and just see what's up and ask if I upset her some way, just wondering what I should do and if this seems a good approach?


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  • Yea, i would b pissed if it was me. Of corse not knowin that u cudnt text. Id b missing u for a week n then text u n no response? Maybe feel like u didn't text bcus u dont wanna talk, did he loose intrest? would b running through my head. Then of corse she didn't ans. Go see her! If u can't at least text her, im sorry. Even if she's not responding, i guargentee that she reads the texts. Explain what happened

    • I tried texting her saying I wasn't sure if I did something that upset her, or what was going on, and that I really wanted to hear from her. And she never even responded to that. I feel like an idiot

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    • If she doesn't respond within 20 min text her a few more time about hw u feel bad n u just wanna talk to her cuz u miss her. After that if she still hasn't responded wait a day then text her that u miss her n to pls text u, doubt she still won't text u but after that just stop. Gd luck

    • Dont forget to mention that u missed her n thot about her! Crucial

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  • no that's imature

  • show her you care but dont go overboard cause then you'll ruin it


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