Confused boy! can't decide which one!?

I know thats not much to a question but I couldnt translate it into question.
There is this sweet, quiet guy (Jim) i know who I've been crushing on for about a year now. Last January he asked my best friend (Kale) out and she said "no i am not attracted to you"
I wasn't jealous i woulda been happy for them. Kale then stoped hanging out with our small group because of sports this year. then Jim started...i guess flirting with his eyes. holding eye contact. staring at me. even making privete jokes with me.
even teasing me. which he's never done to me. I saw hope for us till Kale stept back into the picture for a teen partu and then it was as if I didn't exsist. Unless Bill (another guyfriend) wanted to talk to me. Which we talk quite a bit.
Why did he just stop talking to me.
I know Kale demands everyones attention by her personality but you would think he'd at least talk to me.
when she was in another room we we'er back to normal with like when she was at basketball but as soon as she came back and she jumped in the convo I only talked to him personally once and i asked the question. I admit i get shy around him but not that shy. Please Help!!!


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  • He does not deserve you.
    I know all about over shadowing best friends, trust me. And this is basically an all to common situation in my life, over and over again, with different guys and different friends.They dont mean to do it, but they are just a lot more noticeable.
    If he notices you only when she's not around, he's not into you. wait for the guy who only has eyes for you even if you are surrounded by a 100 kale's. you deserve no less.

    • ya but the thing is i know she doesn't really act like that at home. she is rather grumpy at home. and bossy. them she is a bright energetic person as soon as we walk out her door. it kinda bugs me.

    • That's actually pretty common :P at home, she does not have to pretend to be a flawless person who is all butterflies and rainbows. being grumpy there makes her all the brighter outside

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  • I think he mostly wants kale, but if she isn't around he will settle for you. Kind of a jerk move from his part, if you ask me. I say make Jim jealous, and see how he reacts. I would also recommend to move on. I don't think he is really into you.

  • it seems like jim still likes kale?

    • well i know that (sry to snap) but why does be act like he likes me when she's not around? He isn't a player.

    • maybe he likes both of you and can't make up him mind