How do I know if it's all happening too fast?

I've been sort of seeing this guy for 6weeks and things have been going great. We've not had any 'traditional dates' but we've went to the cinema as part of a group a couple times, had nights in together, went shopping etc...but we do talk everyday.

So we sort of had "THE" talk almost 3 weeks ago now (initiated by him I may add) and he said he'd like to be in a relationship with me as to which in a commitment-phobic panic I responded it was too soon for me. I said that I have a lot of personal problems I need to get through before getting into something and after past experiences with guys that I've been with, the idea of relationships scare me.
Him being the great guy he is, said he'd wait for me to be in the same place and we needn't rush anything.

My problem is, 3 weeks on, I'm not sure if things have been moving too fast between us or not, but I'm pretty sure I'm actually starting to fall for the guy.

Is that insane? 6weeks of 'dating' and I think I'm falling for him...surely my head is playing tricks with me.
Am I just flattered by his advancements or maybe the fact a guy is actually being understanding with me for a change?
I just don't know what to think anymore...HELP!


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  • It is great that you are looking at it carefully, and under normal circumstances I would say that yeah, it is going too fast. But I have heard of much shorter relationships going life-long quite happily.

    It doesn't sound like he is onto anything too serious quite yet, but you should figure out if he is sincere about the relationship- meaning, is he the marriage type, or date for a while type.

    Figure out what you want, and go from there. You are old enough to take it seriously, and clearly wise enough to think it over.

    Not sure if it helped or not, but good luck!


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