Am I sending the wrong message?

This guy I had a date with sent me a topless photo of him and weeks after I decided to send him a few photos of me in my bikini (it's hot where I am). I never send photos like that and now I'm paranoid with us flirting over these photos (he's replying with ones of him) that he will get the wrong idea. He knows I'm not that kind of girl but I'm worried im sending him the wrong message, do u think I am? I'm not sure if he really is a good guy but I'm hoping he is..

He said I haven't given him the wrong idea. What would you think if a girl sent you those photos? Only after you sent topless ones of yourself.


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  • I don't know what you are on about. Why not share pictures of your bodies if you like each other?


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  • It seems strange to me that you would send him pictures weeks after randomly. Have you had no other contact?

    • Yes we have had other contact. I meant to say he had sent one and then sent another one a few weeks after and then I decided to just send one

    • Then that's fine. What's the wrong message? That you're sexy, that he can appreciate your beauty, nothing wrong with that.

      by the way , I can't believe you asked him if it gave him the wrong idea. Big no-no to ask.

      Just don't send him any naked ones, even if he does. Because I've heard horror stories.

  • Sending photos like that to someone you hardly know? I feel that is a mistake. If it was me receiving the photos. I would feel you want to progress the relationship.

    • Younger people tend to do it, just a bit of fun. Not as if I'm sending him naked photos

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    • I didn't ask him if I've given him the wrong idea, I just said I hope I haven't. Either way I've thought about if and in my eyes it's just a bit if harmless flirting, I wasn't naked. Even if he tried something, he won't succeed.

    • Sorry. I meant you asked us. Not him.

  • what is the wrong message? What kind of girl do you suppose sends pictures of herself in a bikini to a guy? What type of girl do you feel you are?

    • I'm a genuine girl. I'm worried it would make a guy think I'll just sleep with him, when I wouldn't. I'm not like that at all

    • Well you are showing him your body in a hope to give him sexual stimulation. So you do with that information what you wish.

  • Its alwayz a bad idea too send revaling photos

    • Why? When he had already sent one. I told him I didn't want to give him the wrong idea and he said that I'm not.

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