The game

Got this girls number, tells me to call her around 5 after her class.

Call her, doesn't pick up. She txts me sry I'm still in lab

I say, oh okay. I'm heading into class actually. You can call me after 9.

10minutes later she txts me, k I might be hanging out with a friend later but I'll def let you know if I'm not. Are you planning on doing anything tonight?

I call these texts the game. I didn't say I wanted to hang TONIGHT but she's like I'll let you know if my plans fall through and I'm bored.

So my move what should a guy do? Ignore her see if she calls.. tell her I'm busy tonight.. what's the knock out punch?

yeah I never tried to get in touch with her again. that's the thing I don't get about girls. they might like a guy, but if the guy doesn't call her / give her the attention she wants then its not gonna happen. granted not all girls do this.


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  • I really think that she's interested in you, but at the same time she has a lot going on. You're definitely on her mind, especially since she seems to be fishing around for when you're available and such. I wouldn't look too much into her actions, mostly because it seems like this is the first time this has happened. If this is something that continues, I would just stop texting her and just keep your relationship with her as just friends. Otherwise, when you do see her, just go and talk to her and be like, "Hey you seem kind of busy so whenever you wanna hang out just let me know." That way she knows that if you two are going to hang out, it's up to her to initiate it. Also don't text her right after wondering when she's available. Hope this helps.


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  • Don't play the game tell her to call you...and don't hold your breath move on and if she calls than good if not good riddance

    • Thats not a good idea. all girls play the game at the begining. even if they are interested. I say whatever you do if she is really interested then she will eventually be urs :)

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  • Drop it. Don't be second to her friend. I personally would be honest here and tell her that you're not going to be walked all over. Stand up for yourself, express your desires.

  • "I'll let you know if my plans fall through and I'm bored."

    Yeah, it's a good chance that she could be playing you. That sentence alone says it all: You're not that important to her. How much better the world would be if people didn't play with each other's feelings? Texting is kind of a coward's way of communicating. Tell her to call you. If she's really serious about this whole thing, she will. But don't hold your breath if she doesn't. There are bigger and better fish in the sea...

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