My sisters boyfriend is ignoring her?

My sister has this boyfriend that she really likes but she said he was ignoring her and never wanting to talk and a while back a rumor was going around saying his best friend liked her and she liked him back and her boyfriend got mad and didn't talk to her a lot after that and a few days ago her boyfriend sat by his ex and talked to her all of class and then somebody told him that he needs to stop ignoring my sister and she doesn't even like him so he asked if it was true and she didn't say anything and he walked off he is a nice kid and she really likes him so I want them to be happy and it's her first boyfriend so I don't want it to end badly I need something to make them happy and still like each other

  • her boyfriend likes her
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  • her biyfriend likes his ex
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  • Honestly I think this is something your sister needs to work out on her own with her boyfriend. There's nothing you can really do for them other than be supportive of her.


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