Her apathy is making me crazy, any ideas?

So i just met this girl through the internet, i told her to we go out to drink some wine together and we did, weve seen each other 3 times already.. i found her very shy when i tried to kiss her in the first date, i was very smooth and slow on it a lot of peck kiss and after 5 minutes i was able to french kiss her, she's also this type of girl who is antisocial she doesn't go out to those places full of people, she's a nerd stay at home a lot watching anime and play games, so that gives you an idea of her profile.. so what is happening is, i am completely in love with her, i had 3 girlfriends in my life and this one is just beyond me, the kisses we had in the first date and her smell was just, i don't have words she took my soul away.
What i feel so unconfortable about this is, she never look me in the eye for more than 2 seconds, she always acted that way, i ask why she says she just feels unconfortable doing it, she never said my name, it's like she doesn't give a edge, she never made me feel she likes me, ever, it's like i like you, but you don't and this feeling is just tearing me apart, i've never been with someone that can laugh and stuff and at the same time she NEVER show her real feelings over me, she never made me feel she likes me it's like i am anybody else, just another guy, we went to the pub 2 times and once in my home, all of those times was good, we enjoyed and i am still clueless.

I am 25, she's 21.

Detail: I know she broke a relationship 1 week before we started dating, and she was who broke up.


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  • I don't think you should be dating anyone JUST out of a relationship. She MOST likely is still dealing with that, hence her not even being able to look at you. For right now, I think your feelings are way stronger than hers.

    • Ok, what your suggestion then? Should i talk about that, i have no idea how i should proceed

    • Yes. Communicate with her about how she is feeling regarding the breakup and YOU. I also think your emotions are quite premature...slow down. Find out what's going on because this doesn't sound like a great start. Someone who can't look at you, and who seems emotionally disconnected. You should reread your details because that doesn't sound like you guys are on the same page. Feeling for an ex does NOT disappear over night.

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  • Try to figure out why she is the way she is. Check out women on wrongplanet.net and see if that fits her profile if yes learn from that.

    Also how did you find her?

    • by the way . ignore everything but the people on the forum on that site. The guy who owns the site has issues.

    • Relationship websites, called Badoo