Should I just be done with him?

So there's this guy that I've been talking to for awhile now and he super nice but we don't talk a whole lot in person and when we do it gets awkward, I asked him why this was and his response was that it's because I never start the conversation first and never really say much and that I'm shy around him... so he basically said its my fault?
Some of the things he's been doing lately that piss me off
1. We have a class together... he NEVER talks to me in there or anything/Acts like I don't exist

2. He use to taxt me all the time now it seems like its always around night time like 8 or 9 ish

3. He'll favorite pictures of half naked girls (doesn't bother me as much but still)

4.And just the fact that when I asked him why he doesn't talk to me... he basically blames me and says nothing about himself

Thanks for the answers! I straight up told him that it was better if ee didn't talk at all and it wouldn't make a difference anyway, but of course he never replied. Glad that's over
thank you!!!


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  • I don't think he's interested in you. Certainly not for a relationship and maybe not as a friend either. If it's not there, then don't force it. I say forget about him

  • Ignore him


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