What should I trust when trying to decide if this girl likes me back - my HEART/INTUITION or my BRAIN/MIND?

There are moments when I'm with this girl that I just KNOW she likes me back, without a SHRED of doubt. It's just an energy we share, a connection we have, the way she looks at me, where I just KNOW in that moment and I'm like "sweet, nothing to worry about" and I'm sure about it... however, when I don't see her/am not involved in connection with her for a couple of days, I start to over-analyze like crazy and OBSESSIVELY post on this website to try and feel 100% certain that she likes me based on specific "things" that she does (which isn't really indicative of the connection we share), yet no matter how many answers I get I am never satisfied. Aside from the overall energy between us, she has told her mother and some friends about me, encouraged me to come to an event her mother was at, texts me frequently, etc. I want to ask her out and in those moments feel 100% confident that she would say yes, but later on I doubt myself.

Basically, what I am asking is - what do I trust: my HEART/INTUITION or my BRAIN/MIND?


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  • Brain is always better than the heart. The heart is untrustworthy and you should never listen to its advice. Emotions definitely cloud judgement. It is best to approach everything with logic and reason.


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