Why hasn't she at least said "hi" back?

got this girls number today. i told her i was going to try to text her during my practice but i wound up not because i got busy. i saw her afterwards and to be funny texted her right there as i was literally standing right there and could have just said hi in person (i was really just trying to get her my number, in a clever way). she wound up saying "is this you?" and i of course said yeah. she hasn't sent a reply though.

i don't care. it's not like it was repliable since i talked to her in person after practice anyway but i kind of figured she'd at least say "hi".


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  • She may had just figured it was unnecessary. Like you, I'd expect some kind of reply back. It's not really a great sign. You might have annoyed her or she's just the serious type. It's impossible to know. It's just not that good.


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