Got a dating dilema. confused?

I met new girls in a short period and got their numbers and had some nice talks on whatsapp. met em once-twice or so and then it stops, it feels like they don't want to met with me so I try some new girl. disgusting is that every girl I met still seemed interested but they won't hang out with me and the fact that my relationships I had only raised like 2 weeks I feel bit of depression.
why would you not like to hang out with a guy?

I even worked on my needyness as I met 3 girls in one week. hold doors and so and be funny. the only problem is that if the girl doesn't try to find a way to met up I start giving up on her. .


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  • You meet a girl, you get her number, you ask her out. If she says 'no', then you go on to the next one.

    • wow. you tellin my what im doing all the time. I ask out and if she find excuses for next 'date' I'll find another and probably delete her number

    • So keep on doing it. Getting all depressed about them turning you down isn't helping.

    • I try to forget why I feel bad. it was right now I know I will have it more often. actually I'm in a better case than other people who don't get any girl

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  • its quality not quantity. Stop being so flippant with women and make one feel special instead of trying to act like something you are not.

  • Dude, you're 17. Don't get so heartbroken that a girl your age isn't ready to settle down. They're still trying to figure themselves out and probably don't want to be caught up in a relationship while they're trying to do that. If that's not the case, you may just be socially awkward. Are you shy, or more quiet than normal? Practice relaxed conversation in the mirror with yourself. Also, work on some witty banter. You will feel dumb for talking to yourself, but it seriously helps the conversation flow on the dates.

    • I talk myself in tha mirror im tha best. shyness is something I call a No-go when with girls. I feel like the only thing I can do is go for sex and they don't even want a talk when I look back

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    • Stop sleeping with every girl you take out and you will have more girls interested in dating you, trust me.

    • I didn't sleep. with none of them..

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