Any first date advice or tips?

I don't like first dates. They are often awkward and I'm always nervous. My first one was nice, but that guy was 18 (I was 14), so he had some experience and it wasn't as awkward as I expected it to be.

The last date I've had was horrible. From the moment that I saw him standing there, waiting for me, I knew I didn't feel anything for him. I even left early pretending I had to go home cause my mom was mad at me. It was cold, dark and very uncomfortable. We didn't say a thing. He was 16, I was 15. He was depressed, though. And he thought he had finally found some love.. I felt so sorry for him, I didn't want to hurt him.

Anyway, some guy asked me out and I am attracted to him, he's also very sweet. I don't know him in real life though, I only saw him a couple of times. We started texting the day before yesterday, and he asked me out yesterday. I'm afraid it'll be awkward, I don't want that. He's depressive too. He even takes pills for it. He smokes (weed). He drinks. (I drink as well). I was depressed too. I did some bad things too. But I want to forget about it and I sure don't hope all he's going to talk about is that. I want a playful relationship. I don't want awkwardness.

Any tips/advice? I'm not looking forward to it. I wish I was


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  • Just relax and chill. You really need to change your attitude about dating. If you approach it with a much more positive attitude, don't be surprised if you find yourself liking it more.


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