When to text him next?

so I met this guy 2 nights ago who seems pretty perfect for me especially compared to the recent others - he's around my age, around my small size, cute, and turned out to be pretty nice/friendly and down-to-earth.

well we exchanged numbers [from my suggestion] and he was the first to text yesterday! yay so that's a good sign especially since he helped keep the conversation going after that too.

he hasn't texted me today at least yet...the question is, if I have to start the texting conversation next when should I? tonight? tomorrow? longer than that? I also can't write him online cause he said that he only goes on his band's myspace profile every once in a while and doesn't even have a personal one.

and also we have no plans to see each other again yet so if he doesn't first when should I suggest we make plans to hang out?

I did text him right after almost every time he texted me yesterday btw and we ended up texting about 10 times each to each other.
well I did text him today and everything turned out fine cause he texted me right back pretty much and we got to know each some more through it; no mention of us hanging out together though.
Yesterday I finally texted him again saying that we should hang out soon maybe next week and he texted back: "I'm all good for next week." Unfortunately he doesn't have a car so I would have to drive at least most of the way there.
But at least he did agree to hang out soon and texted that he'll try to make it so that I won't have to drive as far as he lives!


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  • Congradulations.

    Though you're making the right choice by waiting until tomorrow to text him again, don't make him chase you but don't get clingy either.

    Suggestion: Ask him if he wants to get coffee later that day, it's a good first date because it doesn't last too long and the two of you can have someface-to-face time.

    Have fun and good luck.

    • You're allowed to ask him to hang out too, this is 2009, girls are allowed to ask guys out.

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    • Okay. and I'm both used to and am a little tired of getting involved with guys who can't drive for one reason or another. I just don't want to seem to be doing all the work....but at least he did tell me that he can try to meet me somewhere cause he's hoping he'll cut my drive "by like 1/3 or so." another good sign :)

    • He's putting in an effort, doing the best he can.

      Remember, for most people money is very low right now, try to keep that in mind.

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  • Text or call him right now if you know he is awake. There are no rules. Forget any nonsense you have heard about when to call a guy. If you want a real relationship (not a superficial one) then he won't care when you call him or text him. The truth is it does not matter.

    And if he does not ask to meet again, then you should suggest it to him the next time you call him (i.e. tomorrow).

    • It's almost midnight here so I don't wanna try starting a texting convo this late.

      but you're right that I shouldn't be scared to text him and ask him to hang out soon especially since he's the one who first started texting yesterday and in fact the first time I told him I'll "ttyl" he texted back "text me later tonight if you want"...which I did later that night and he about immediately responded.

      so I'll text him sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening.

    • Pretty much.

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  • I would think that if he texted you the day after, he'll probably wait the next day to see if you text him. But that's just my logical brain speaking lol.

    If you want to text him, I'd text him. If he texted you the day after, I think that's a pretty good sign. Go ahead, text him today! Be a little flirty and maybe suggest that the two of you see each other again. Feel out the situation and see if you can judge whether or not he's really into you :)

    Good luck, new crushes are exciting!

    • Oh thanks!

      though I'll wait until sometime tomorrow.

      I've had way too many experiences where guys have apparently gotten annoyed by me being "clingy" - either from in person or through the internet or phone - that I'm going to try to be more careful with this one in making sure I don't try communicate TOO much with him and be a bit more mysterious. I did text him right after almost every time he texted me yesterday though and we ended up texting about 10 times each to each other.

    • Just don't be afraid to take risks and try to get to know him better. Somehow let him know you're subtly interested! You're right, somewhat mysterious is definitely good. Guys need to be able to chase you a little, lol.