Did I Get Played???

This guy I hung out a couple times with and was talking to asked me to be his girlfriend two days ago and I said yes. I haven't seen him since and he hasn't called me or texted me or anything ever since. What happened? Does that mean he changed his mind about us? I don't understand. Why persue me for nothing?

PS- I have no way on contacting him unless he contacts me first because he has phone issues right now. Unless he calls or texts me I can't do anything or else I already would have.


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  • okay so wait, he asked you to be his girl? how long have you known him? and why didn't you get his number?

    • I do have his number but he lost his job so they cut it off because he didn't pay it which is why I have no way of contacting him. I've known him for a month.

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    • Idk if he knows my # by heart but he does know where I work but not where I live. He told me about getting his phone disconnected a couple days before he asked me to be his girlfriend.

    • Thats stupid for him to do that..idk, sounds odd to ask somebody to be his girl but lost contact with that person. if he really wanted you, he would have came to your job or something...

  • same thing happened to me few days ago. but me and him are together now :)

    initiate a talk with him or just calling his name! if he likes u, he'll know what to do and you guys will talk again!

    for mine, he said cos he's not sure if I was kidding or not when I said yes.

    so just try talking to him or else u'll never get the answer! good luck :)

    • I have no way of contacting him unless he contacts me first because he has phone issues right now =( That's why I'm so confused about the whole thing.

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