Girls, would you honestly date a guy like me?

My "looks":

- I'm balding, but for the moment it's not very noticeable. I have dark blond hair at the moment.

- Light blue/green eyes.

- 6''6

- Quite skinny, but I do have some muscle.

- I have a nice, well kept goatee.

- I'm white, but usually am quite tanned.

About me:

I love to play sports with my friends : usually football. But I do swim, play tennis, rugby and basketball.

I'm a qualified life guard and also have a door man licence for retail stores.

A lot of people say that I'm charming, but I'm quite shy when it comes to new people - otherwise I'm a right laugh.

Good sense of humour, but I do get sensitive when it comes to banter and sarcasm.

When it comes to women, I'm a hopeless romantic: I won't smother them with my romantic self, I rather treat them right.

A first date with a girl would be at the bowling alley, at the ice rink or play some pool over some drinks.

So what do you think?

Oh and by the way , I'm British ... I have a regular London accent and a deep voice.


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  • I like that, i would date u

    • Does anything I've listed bother you in any way? :)

    • Only that ur skinny , everything else is great :)

  • i would date u

    • Is there anything in the list I put down that turns you off a bit, or bothers you? :)

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    • message me please :)

    • Hmm, I have to follow you which I just have, yet it's still not letting me message you haha

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