I got my first kiss at 23, and now I'm feeling different, should I kiss more random dudes?

Yes I graduated college without even being kissed! I was social as a business student, went to a lot of conferences and the random parties quite a bit during my last year or so. However no guy ever asked me out.

I went on online dating, got dates but the guys just didn't seem interested once they met me etc. I have a whole sling of stories here but I won't bother you with that. Let's just say online was very heartbreaking for me as I got rejected a lot.

The thing is I'm Indian (the northern, fair-skinned kind) if that paints a picture sorta, and I mainly prefer white guys...who don't really seem to be into me.

I have danced with guys at clubs before when I go out, but it never really lead to anything guess I didn't dance long enough.. 5 min or so with a guy doesn't apparently cut it.

Then last time I went out, it was at a random club. My friend got approached by this guy and they just started kissing out of now where. Same time some guy started dancing behind me and I just went with it.

15 min later, he goes I gotta go to the bathroom. I didn't know wtf to think just to stand there or to find my friend. Then as I was off the dance floor, I ran into thte guy again. We started dancing and then he kissed me a few more times.

Then randomly ditched me to go get drinks and I guess he wasn't interested. He found out I was leaving in 15 min anyway. But anyway I said bye to him as I was leaving no hug or kiss or drink from him.

But I didn't care I got my first kiss over with! I was attracted to him but surprisingly felt no "chills" when kissing him as I thought I would.

Now I feel like in order to get more "experience" I should kiss a few more random guys and actually get making out.

Bc if I were to approach my college crush I would be A LOT more flirty and not as scared or feel dum.

I'm all over the place, what advice do you have for me?


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  • Don't force it and don't try to increase your track record. Let things happen naturally. I know tons of attractive woman in their early 20's who have never been in a relationship and it's because they were raised to be conservative and selective and to hold themselves and those around them to a higher standard and though these people aren't as experienced they are much more likely to succeed when they actually do begin dating.


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  • No brainer answer would be
    the more you try the more you'll know
    the more discriminating you'll become
    better prepared to choose the best, if that's a high priority in a mate or an early "tell" to being a keeper

  • Be careful out there. Herpes is forever.


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  • It can be fun if you're out dancing... go for it if that's what you feel like doing.

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