She seemed interested, hasn't responded to set a date?

I met a waitress on Friday and she gave me her number after we talked for 30 mins after her shift.
I texted her Saturday saying it was nice talking with her. She responded and said it was nice meeting me and stuff.
Sunday I texted her and asked if she was free this week at all we could do coffee or lunch and she said she wouldn't be back in town until Wednesday. (I took it as a semi-good sign since she didn't just say she was outright busy but gave me a time when she was free).
I told her I would text her back in a few days to set something up.
Wednesday (today) I texted her asking if a particular time on Thursday or Friday would work?
It's been about 8 hours (not that I'm counting... :/ ) and haven't heard anything.
Do I admit defeat? I find it hard to believe she didn't see or get the message yet or had time to respond yet. It's been all day!
What do I do? What's next? Any girls out there thinking she's willfully waiting to respond to not seem too anxious/available?


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  • Wait another day or two then go from there. She might have had plans tonight and hasn't looked or looked and thought it was too late too reply or whatever. Possibly, she might not want to seem over keen.

    • Well Thursday and Friday has come and gone and gone and I haven't heard from her. Bad sign I know and it sucks. I really wanted to see her again and I thought she did too.
      I want to know what the deal is though? Should I text her and say "hey do you want to hang out sometime or are you not that interested?"
      For lack of a better term I need some kind of "closure"

    • I wouldn't bother if she hasn't been upfront about why she can't meet you and I doubt you'll get an explanation, she may feel to embarassed or awkward to respond with her true feelings. Don't message again, don't her think she's that important. Her loss!

    • *Don't let her think

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  • If she doesn't respond, I would take it as a sign that she doesn't want to go out with you. Although, if she said she was getting back Wednesday she might be in transit and just hasn't had time to think about responding.

    • Like I commented on ambertaylor opinion, she never responded after I texted her if a day and time would work. So that's a bad sign. But I feel I should text her again to see if she's interested in going out at all?

    • I guess you could do that...Although it make the situation uncomfortable for her if she meant to "send you a message" by not replying.

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