I ambushed her with confessing my love, how can I make this up to her?

My girl and I had our 6 month anniversary dinner yesterday and since I felt after this time and in this moment everything would be perfect for me to tell her that I'm in love with her.

Mid dinner I told her and she said ' how could you do this to me?' And left.

I realize I screwed up royally but I really do love her and I want to apologize and save our relationship.

Since she's not answering calls would a text like this be OK? " Hey honey, I am so sorry for the way I ambushed you last night but you are very important to me so I hope we can talk at some point but I completely understand if you need some spice and time off from seeing me. "

Any advice is truly appreciated !!!


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  • You didn't screw up nor do I think you ambushed her. I think she just was caught off guard. Eventually, someone was going to say they love the other person and it was you. 6 months isn't exactly rushing it so I don't see why she would feel 'ambushed'. If she didn't feel that strongly about the relationship then she needed to say that she isn't ready for that kind of commitment or isn't at the point yet. I think she overreacted. Give her a few days and see if she comes around. If not, then either try to wait it out longer or move on. But ask yourself this, do you want to be with someone who doesn't reciprocate your feelings?


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  • Don't take it back! Bad move. Just wait.

    And think about whether you want to be with someone who doesn't love you back...six months is a long time to not love the person you are with.

    • This is for her to figure out. Don't try to fix it because you didn't do anything and can't do anything. You can only wait.

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  • Yeah you definitely don't need to apologize for anything here. You felt something for her and communicated it to her...no way is that something to say you're sorry about.

    Let her come to you. The ball is in her court and you've done nothing wrong here. If she reacts to you loving her like this (after six months, no less!) then something's wrong.