Why does he let things get awkward between us if I'm not in touch?

Not sure how to describe it. We live in different states, we have known eachother for a year and we text every single day all day long. This is the norm. He is also the type that is glued to the phone, more than I am. I really wouldn't say I am like that but I mainly am talking to him!

I had to be out of touch for a few days due to stuff going on and told him, and ever since then now he is ignoring me. Letting my messages go for HOURS. So naturally, I don't want to be talking to the wall and I don't message him. I did today again because normally I would and he's ignoring me.

He just told me two weeks ago he has feelings and if it weren't for us living in different states he would want to be dating me. He also tells me he can confide in me and I'm one of the only people he talks to in this way (telling me what's on his mind, etc).

So now it's just really out of character for him to be so out of touch. Any time I am unable to keep the same communication momentum, he falls silent and then it's like a cat and mouse game for a while. It's ridiculous. This has happened before, in this same way.

Why oh why does he do this? Then I just end up feeling silly for carrying on.


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  • Living in different states and trying to make a relationship work is very hard. In your guys case very hard because you aren't dating and could see other people if you want. Do you just talk to him because its the norm or because you like to and could see things going farther between the two of you. Maybe he found someone close by that he is starting to get close with and putting this relationship on the back burner because he wants more of a relationship where you see each other more than once a month or so

    • I feel this is a very likely scenario given our predicament, but he has done this before under these exact circumstances! It's so frustrating.

    • Long distant relationship are frustrating because you can't just drive to their house and talk to them about whats going on. If he has done this in the past why are you waiting around for him go out and explore things to make you happy and you never know you could end of meeting a real nice person!!

    • Very true :-) Thank you!!

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