How do you handle a shy guy? If it even is shyness?

So this guy calls me pretty much every night, texts me all the time, we met up once and kissed and it was all great, but he's always very shady when it comes to meeting up. I've taken it as him being shy, even though he's very cocky in person.

Am i right to assume he's shy or is he possible mugging me off? He's only told me he cares about me once and that was after he called me and said he didn't care (as a joke apparently) and i cried -it had been a stressful week so it was the cherry on the cake really- so not quite sure if he was just said it because i was upset. He also likes to deny he kissed me and that i kissed him when that was not the case, but it's more like games because eventually he'll own up and just say yes i did kiss you.

It's only a week this Saturday since we kissed, but i feel like surely if he's interested he should have shown more interest by now? He rarely mentions meeting up because he's always busy. I'm just not sure if it's all worth it. My friends tell me just to do whats best for me, but it's hard because he does make me really happy but he also makes me crazy!



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  • Hahahaha, sounds like he likes you. Don't worry about it. This made me smile :) Young love :)

    • really? i'm not sure because he never seems to want to meet up? is that a normal thing?

    • No, that part is weird. You're right. lol shady.

    • hmmmmmm

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  • It sounds to me as though he is More Interested in talking and texting, than meeting up and Or even---Owning up---to anything when it comes to a potential partnership. Yes, he Could have "shown more interest," but likes to keep you in the dark by playing around with your head and your heart.
    He feels safer on the other end of his cell, which pushes a few of your own buttons, making you "crazy" with the things he Does And Doesn't do. It's as though he blows you off with his lame excuses when it comes time for getting together, and when you do, it's at his Convenience. And to top it all off, he even plays head games about the "hit and miss kiss." This tells me he is scared of the Big "C": Commitment."
    Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable and noncommittal. This one is no exception to my rule.
    He is the hardest apple to reach at the top of the tree, which is Why he makes you "really happy but he also makes you crazy." He's a challenge in itself, and it makes the games he plays more fun and exciting. Might I suggest you start playing a few of your own, and perhaps one day, he can say to you: "You make me crazy."xx

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