"You have my number..call me"=stalkerish?

im planning on going to this guy's office, knocking on his door and asking him if he'd like to go for coffee-good/bad idea? maybe send a text before hand, but I'm afraid he'll ask my ex, who thinks I'm in europe.

i've already been to coffee with him once, we had chemistry but I never heard from him again because he was my boyfriends brother's best friend. I wasn't cheating on my bf, I was just asking him for help on master's applications...some chemistry ended up coming out though, and now I like him.

now that it's over with my boyfriend because he cheated, I want to see this new guy. should I tell him that my ex cheated? how do I tell him it ended months ago? and how do I score myself another date? I was thinking of saying "well, you have my number, if you want to hang out, you know where to call" if he doesn't say something.

do you think its a good idea to see him again, or should I just forget it?


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  • I think you should ask him out to coffee. I don't think your ex will get in the way because I wouldn't care about my best friend's brother unless I was good friends with him too. But since your boyfriend cheated on you, he probably wouldn't care about going out with you anyway, and he would know it has been months since you two stopped seeing each other. I don't think he'll ask your ex for permission because it is just coffee, which could mean nothing. If he accepts, you can talk about your ex then. If you ask him and he says he is busy that night or something, you should say the "well, you have my number" thing. If he calls you or texts you then he is interested..

    Just my opinion


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