Why is his response shorter all of a sudden?

Help! I feel so paranoid. I've been dating a guy who texts me nonstop everyday and always keeps the convo going. Last night I didn't respond for the whole afternoon/night then finally when I responded today he gave me a one line answer and didn't try to keep the convo going or ask me how my night was like he always does. I get the feeling this is bc he thinks I was on a date with someone else last night and now is keeping his responses shorter. What do you think?


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  • maybe he's just getting tired of how lazy of a texter you are by not starting any conversations or keeping them going

  • Did you give him a heads-up before or say sorry after?

    • No I didn't :/ but I was really sweet to him this morning in my texts. Do guys get a feeling sometimes if she's not responding throughout the night? We met online so I know we're prob both keeping options open since it's new. Do you think me not responding made him insecure or not want to talk as much?

    • Ok. See when you don't do polite things like that, we compare that to other girls who do those things and we conclude that you don't care as much as those girls do. Then we go talk to those girls.

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