Online dating first message, what to write?

On online dating I've seen some girls with hardly nothing on their profile but I'd like to get to know them.. When I send out a first message I'll ask a question and comment on what caught my eye on their profile. What can I say to the girls in my first message who don't say much in their profile?


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  • Obviously you comment on their looks because it seems like that's what attracted you in the first place unless there's something in that little portion of info in there that intrigued you. If that's the case, you just say that you like "this" and that you found it interesting that you share the same interest or want to try it, etc. Just keep it short and brief.

    And personally, when I did online dating, I felt that people who didn't take the time to write their profiles out were serious about finding love, at least not a long-term relationship.

    • WEREN'T serious in finding love.

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    • In that case, she was attractive right? If so, she was probably looking for a guy to fall for her looks and hope that he has money. I mean, no one is going to find love or feel attracted to another person with just a little message that says 'Hi, I'm Jane from Vowewebs, New York and I love animals and reading a book while enjoying a glass of wine". Just don't see it.

      It's possible but I wouldn't bother especially when I can't get a feel for them.

    • Good point Johnny bananas

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  • You have to use what you're given unfortunately. Unless I can find something unique that I can form some sort of funny one liner about, I usually won't even try. I know girls get flooded with messages and I need to make mine stand out. They get literally dozens that talk about how attractive they are, or asking generic questions. Even if it is stupid, make it unique. Unless you're really good looking, this is the way to go. There was one with the girls occupation listed as teller. In her profile she said like one line and then said I don't want to tell a story. So I sent her a message saying "for a teller you really suck at stories." Stupid, but it worked!

  • Tell her you're rich, and you're good looking, and you have, uh, a rapist's wit.

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