When a girl you are dating all of a sudden doesn't contact you after she has been consistent would you wonder or think about her?

I have been dating a guy and I know he is crazy about me. Lately he has had a lot going on and our communication has changed a little. We feel connected through social networks (distance relationship) while he finishes school. We communicate by phone too. He plans to move in 5 months. Well I plan on being patient bc he's focused on things and plus his grandma has had brain surgery. I deactivated my social networks so I can have me time and focus on my goals. I don't want to be distracted by others and him. However I'm hoping that it makes his heart grow even fonder. Have you ever got so comfortable with her initiating and then start to miss her when you haven't heard from her? Tell me your story. by the way he was doing all the initiation. .well I say majority of the time before school got more extensive and his grandma had surgery.


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  • He assumes you lost interest or he said or did something wrong

    • Has that happened to you? The last conversation we had we were clear that we missed each other. I commented on one of his statuses a couple of days before I deactivated. I guess I will find out if his word is true. People supposed to stick together through thick and thin...smh

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    • Lol no he didn't call me that. I was just wondering what it really means. A lot of people have been posting that as if it's positive or negative. Is that what it means...someone losing sleep bc they have strong feelings?

    • Yes if he's up all night thinking of you

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