I think the guy i am dating exclusively is seeing other women?

What are signs that the guy you are dating "exclusively" is seeing other women. I suspect he is even though he denies it. any pointers about their behaviour or things that say or dont say or do or don't do?


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  • Plenty of guys out there who wish they had a girl they could talk to and cuddle with at the end of the night. So many good guys who just want that close feeling of bodies touching and intimacy and who would be loyal to u no matter what and you're choosing a guy who's a player?


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  • I wouldn't cheat. I'd just dump the one I'm with and be with the new girl.


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  • Don't pester him about it. Constantly accusing someone of cheating pushes them closer to it. Talk to him about calmly tell him how you feel and why you feel that way.

    Why do you think he's cheating?

    • I find pestering a good person won't make them cheat it will make them leave you. it will only make a bad person want to cheat on you more for starters..
      Well i caught him on tinder that dating sight Tinder that we met on active again. He claimed he was on there to re read our convo from when we first met. THis would be believable because i have done that before but considering he is showing other signs as well i call bullshit on that. He just messages me less, claiming he is busy and yet is active on Facebook. how can he if he is s busy. and just small things. like he was at footy with friends and i get how some people when they are with friends dont like to message their partner but he then later told me how bored he was at footy and he was constantly making comments on Facebook. why couldnt he be texting me..he used to. so lots of examples like that..he doesn't message me in morning like he used to either. the list goes on.

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    • yea i know what you mean by people dont get busy and if they do there wouldn't be other signs in combination that are bad. he is the deny deny deny type so i will never find out by confronting him. the thing he i have just tried to leave a week ago nad he says why i am being like this its all in my head he is innocent. just says really cliche lines. he can never prove anything. he just says i have to have some faith.

    • Just find someone better