Ever created a fantasy idea that someone was a perfect fit for you only to find other reality was a lot different?

I meet this girl last year and sort of created this fantasy idea that she was my perfect gf and she lived in same town as me which is small so it all seemed really good until I got to know her better and then realised she was just like any other 20 something girl and was more into partying and drinking than looking for a serious relationship.

but I still have fond feelings for this girl even though I realised in reality she was a bit different than I expected and much less of a good girl type than first though. but I still have this idea in my head of what kind of girlfriend she could be but maybe that isn't possible in reality now


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  • Don't look to make fantasy=reality, it is unrealistic and it objectifies women as a fantasy creature rather than a real human with their own opinions and beliefs.


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  • Yeah, ice done this in the past. But then I decided to get real and acknowledge the situation for what it was. I no longer use my imagination for such things.


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