What should I do with this girl?

I've been seeing this girl for a few months, but she has yet to really open up to me yet. The only thing she's told me was that she's attracted to me and she gets jealous when she sees me talking to other girls. Whenever I tried asking her how she felt she just said that she needs more time to figure things out, that was a couple months ago and still nothing.

Is this just a girl who likes the chase or is it possible that she really still doesn't know? she's not really a girly girl that expresses her emotions so I dont know if im wasting my time. Is there a method to go about this or is it a waste of time?


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  • Tell her your tired of waiting for her to decide and that you want to get somewhere in a relationship. Usually, an ultimatum is a bad thing, but here it seems like it might be the only thing to get her to wake up. Tell her you need her to decide or you need to move on. She'll make a pretty quick choice then.

    hope I helped!

    • Yeah I know what u mean. The only problem is that I wanna wait until after class is out because I dont want that awkward moment every time we're in class if things dont work out.

    • I understand that one. I would wanna wait too if I were you. Best of luck!

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  • Just dump the bitch and go out with someone more stable... jeez

    • Im whipped though. This girls eyes... haha seriously tho I dont wanna start from step one again. Its a lot of work.

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  • Why are you asking her to define her feelings? Just go out with her, have fun and GROW those feelings until she doesn't doubt them anymore. Are you literally just doing nothing for months and demanding that she tell you how she feels?

    • Im not literally doing nothing. I just dont want to keep spending all my money if its on nothing, and I dont want to freak her out by putting her on the spot.

    • You shouldn't be spending money on a girl. Split it. And it sounds like you found a dud. It should not be that hard.