Cancel third date help/etiquette?

I've been on two dates with a girl I met online. I kind of scheduled a third date for this Sunday. Well we went out on the first date, and I called a few days later to schedule the second, but the only day she was off work was next week, but she had that day off. So I kind of impromptu hung out with her that night as a second "date" if that matters. Anyways, we didn't have anything planned for Sunday, just that we would see each other sometime. Now though I don't think I'm into her that much. I know I need to cancel plans for Sunday, but beyond that I need some advice. Do I need to actually tell her I don't want to see her anymore? Can it just be assumed that if I canceled the third date and didn't reschedule that I'm not interested anymore? She seems to be really into me by the way she talks, and texts very often.


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  • I think you need to give her respect by at least saying something to the effect of just being friends. I think it is extremely rude when people just phase each other out and disappear. She is interested in you...yes, but just let her know you're into be friendship with her, and she should get the message.


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