Have any of you guys dated, wanted to date a woman that was or was close to a siren or femme fatale?

How was your experience with this person? Any story or stories you'd like tell? Maybe you haven't dated this person but know one?


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  • For most guys this type of woman will be a thrill and actually the natural male excitement seeking gene to be with someone who's difficult to ascertain and control, difficult to predict etc it's a subconscious and natural thing alright.

    Technically every woman (or almost every) is that way naturally again, demanding, difficult to predict, difficult (according to men not women lol). Just that we perceive the terms more inline with what we read in books and watch in movies.

    I'm no exception but just that most guys will tire or give up while guys like me though scarce love every moment & bit of it. We're hardwired for it.

    I've known a few and dated at least a cpl of them and they were awesome. These girls were not just good looking and sexy but also brainy and knew how to get their way everywhere :) Ok they weren't black widows thankfully, I'd hate to put them down ;) lol

    • Thank you for your kind and thoughtful gesture young lady and selecting my opinion the MH :D I appreciate the gesture wholly :)

      Are you the type in your question :D (I'm curious)

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    • Oh that's fine lol. I was just curious myself to ask why.

    • ha ha ha :)

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  • Yes, when I was in highschool. This girl I think had a genuine case of nymphomania and the list of guys she had been with was not a small one. She was known as a seducer of men and she was kind of mental...

    Of course she didn't want anything to do with me. How depressing a thought that is. I couldn't even interest the resident man eater. Clearly, I sucked.

    Although in retrospect, she used everyone else. I don't think she wanted me (or anyone) to be the one using her. Probably picked it up on a subconcious level and avoided me.

  • Yes, back in the day. She was the sort who would try to entice every guy she met, and she usually succeeded. Including with me!

    She led a hyperactive life and had a deep guilt complex about her privileged upbringing; she killed herself a few years ago.

  • When I was young and single, yes.

    But girls like that never liked me back then.

    I'm not sure they particularly like me now, unless they're a lot younger then me.

    • Truth be told they don't really like anyone, so don't feel bad.

    • Maybe so, but some other guys they didn't like they were hooking up with, I might have been able to cope with that type of not being liked :P

      Basically seemed when young like only good girls liked me, which was pretty much a nightmare.

  • Has to be my favorite type of women. I will share with you in your messages, later though.

    • Lol living on edge. If you like.

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    • You can unfollow me after.

    • Really? The settings ever since they've changed this site make me feel upset lol.

  • Yep, got rebounded by one. It was fun until it ended. This girl would definitely try to use sex appeal to make me more attracted to her, but the closer I got, the worse it got.

    Can rebounders be considered femme fatales?

    • Any woman that basically enchants you and allures you. She gives off danger but you try to love her anyway. So yeah I think they can count.

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  • Whats a femme fatale siren?

    • A woman beautiful, enticing and attractive to men. To the point they may cause chaos to the man/men involved with them in their lives. Femme fatale, in French translated means fatal woman. Siren, old sailors legend either mermaids or female creatures so beautiful their songs called them over to meet their demise.