Has he lost his feelings for me?

A guy who's far away, we were VERY flirty/sexting, friends for a long while too... but since I wanted something real and he felt us being so far apart meant that couldn't be, I put distance. That hurt and so I did it to avoid being more hurt.

So we tried 'just friends' but the spark was still there... stay away from each other, then sometimes still chat.

I decided to stop contacting him mid-Feb and I didn't hear from him... recently, having a legit issue where I needed his expertise, I contacted him for that reason.

He responded immediately, and so we had a little back and forth, just routine stuff, but it was like we never stopped talking kinda, very easy.

So does him just staying away during this period recently mean he doesn't like me anymore?

Very curious about guy's responses here...


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  • You're saying that YOU did a lot to push him away. Why is it important if he still has feelings or not at this point? You have pushed him away, so of course he wouldn't respond to you for a while. Yes, there is a possibility he is no longer interested.

    • Cause he made me feel I had no choice, that he spent all that time to get me into him only to say it could not be more... I did that because he hurt me, but later, was very warm to him to show him I still liked him. He always is glad when I contact him, but honestly, my concern is that he doesn't initiate. It's like he's passive.

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    • Okay, that's legit... but that he still responds right away and then beyond the 1 question I had for him, HE continued the conversation with me, that isn't exactly running away from me. But I hear you, could be it's all changed just to friendship for him.

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