Is this a date (the gym... but wait!)?

This guy I met at a friend's party is a total gym junkie, and so am I. We would respond to each other's workout photos on Facebook and would support each other's advice to our mutual friends who are trying to lose weight. One time, on Facebook, after supporting my advice to a friend, he asked me to go to the gym with him. Now, our memberships are at DIFFERENT gyms so if I were to go with him, I'd have to pay a drop in fee. I'm telling you this in case this makes a difference. It's not like we both happen to go to the same gym. He actually wants to invite me to HIS gym. Does that make it a date?

And just so you know, the first time we met, I can't say we hit it off completely. We were debating about ellipticals. Also there was a bit of a competition between us as we were both trying to recruit our mutual friends to our separate gyms. I had been helping out one mutual friend in particular but he wanted to take over in helping out this person. Now we don't "compete" anymore but try to include each other when we invite our mutual friends (but because of schedule we haven't worked out together yet). So my other question is, would a typical guy ever feel that a girl is his competitor in fitness? I never claimed to be as strong as a guy, but I've made claims that I push myself just as hard. He didn't believe me at first (when we first met) but I think he's starting to because he has seen me in tank tops now. So other than telling me whether he's trying to ask me out, do you think he would still see me as a competitor in front of our friends? Like I indicated, the first time we met we were like that. First impression lasts but it's been two months and we've been supporting each other since. He sometimes would text me about his workouts too and ask about mine. So does he want a fitness motivator, competitor or a girlfriend?


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  • Lool! Strange guy. There is no question of being seen as competitors but he has got ego when it comes to fitness issue. Seems like you hurt his ego initially by challanging him and he may be like " a girl challenged me!"
    But after all yiu beingba girl, there may be indeed a attraction from his side. He may be using gym talks as excuse to communicate with you.
    May be by inviting you to his gym, he wants to impress yiu with his muscles and strength.
    He may be little childish i guess.
    But ya , he wants your attention. He may be happy about that there is girl who is just like him and so to remain in touch with you, he regularly discusses about fitness. May be he is weak in flirting and not sure about the response from you he may recieve.
    Hope my guessing is right. Try flirting from your side first and check out his reaction.
    But will you date him if he asks you out?

    • He can be seen as an eye candy but as a girl, I don't get attracted to someone based on looks. Just like you I think he has an ego issue too. I watch a lot of sports (like the Olympics) but when I would talk about athletes with him, and instead of admitting he didn't know who the athlete was, he'd say that he doesn't watch sports because that makes him want to play. (Yeah right! We both know he can't play hockey!) I asked if he even had a favorite athlete (as in a PROFESSIONAL athlete) and he would say, "Me." Is that the answer of someone with a huge ego? For me if someone asks me who my favorite athlete was, I'd give a bunch of names (and "myself" is NOT going to be one of my answers)! I don't know if you'd consider this flirting but once when I was choking, he'd pat me on the back (is this a couple thing?) or when I was leaning my elbow on the counter while waiting in line, he'd come up behind me and lean on the counter too with his elbow right against mine. Is this flirting?

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    • I think you have serious nature and you will be attracted to a guy who is quite funny. The guy who can take your mind away from those daily routine while you are with him. You may choose guy who is nit necessarily sporty but fitness lover. Am i right?
      But tell me. Now i am curious. Let us assume that he likes you and he really asks you out for date or movie. What will be your reaction?

    • Well I'd say I just want to be friends because I am not attracted to him. I actually can't say for sure that I would only go for fitness lovers. I wouldn't mind being the fit one in the relationship! Well, I mean if he doesn't do any type of exercise I have faith that I can change him at least a little. Thanks for your input!

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  • Do you guys lift?

  • I would say he isn't not inviting you to be your competitor but he may have a competitive personality which you have to decide if you like or not because chances are he isn't going to change. Whether he wants a girlfriend or a friend is hard to say at this point. You both enjoy working out, so just go and see what happens. What "it" is, really isn't important. I have done this exact thing and it was just was because I liked to be around the girl and we both liked working out. I had no preconceived notion of what it would led to. He might or might not just like me. Just do stuff you like with people you like and adjust as necessary.

    • I screwed up my first sentence. I meant he isn't just inviting to have someone to compete with.

    • Yeah I figured that was what you meant in your first sentence. No worries. Were you actually attracted (even a little bit) to the girl you invited to a workout? And as a guy, can you tell me if it's easy to be attracted to a girl in a workout tank (especially if she is toned)?

    • Oh yeah I was super attracted to her. It probably would seem odd to most people, but we are both gym rats. In the beginning I only take girls to fun activities like this (no movies or dinners you get very little interaction and chance to connect). Yeah tank tops are good, I am a sucker for a strong girl.

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  • I don't think that's a date, but it might evolve into one or end up with him asking you out on an actual one. I also don't believe he sees you as a competitor. Right now, I think he's trying to decide where you fall... Are you just a friend or more. That's my opinion at least. Good luck!

  • Ask him to race you on the treadmill.. whoever wins is the better person overall :p ;D

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