Why did boyfriend hug ME first?

We've been dating for about 6 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. He had a soccer game. As it finished, me, his mom, uncle, sister and aunt went up to him. He came straight to me and hugged me lol. His uncle was all like "So I don't get get a hug?" Or "Why didn't you hug me first?" I forgot. We were all laughing and boyfriend said to him "You jealous? " lol. I started feeling bad even though we were laughing. I don't know if this is just my anxiety talking but I feel like I come between them or something I don't know...I just feel bad now...


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  • Don't feel bad. Girlfriend comes first when hugging / celebrating like this. Even before parents and family, in most cases. This is because you're his partner and not just his relation - he chose you but did not choose his family. Don't get me wrong, family is still meaningful but not in the same way as your significant other.


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  • if you feel like you did, you most likely did. always trust your instinct, however, its family, they're bound to bust each others balls. if heda hugged some random person before them or you, theyda been like, wtf

  • You are stupid. Lol

    • I'm hoping you meant to offend her because calling someone "stupid" in English pretty much guarantees that the person will hate you / dislike you strongly.

    • Doesn't matter to me friend. My opinions are straight forward.
      She's under 18 and at that age where life starts taking a new turn to future. She has to see a lot and gain a lot of experiences.
      May be i was quite lazy to explain her in detail why i felt that this kind of thinking was stupidity.
      Sorry for the offence.

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