Is she testing me? Is this just games?

So i have this girl i been out with for 2 weeks now, today we were going go out but she had a problem in her job since it was Friday , she was suppose to get back to home at around 00:00 am then we would go out but she wasn't able because she works in a restaurant and u have to stay there if you have too much clients, what happend is that she came back around 01:30 and then she asked me if we would go out or not on Skype I said no because it was too late already, then she reply 'Well whatever, i am really tired anyway so i can rest well'

Later on in this conversation through Skype she came to me telling me her ex boyfriend gave her ticket to a rock show to her friend and then she got mad, Why she is telling me this? Why she is acting that way? Because if this keep going that way, i might just break this up seriously, this makes me jealous off course it does and it make me ask myself 'Why she is telling me this? Just to see my reaction? Wth.. She already even came to my house, we are suppose to turn into girlfriend/boyfriend due to our affinities, i do not want to break up but this kind of behavior is just making me crazy, any advices please?

We already had a lot of physical contact... We ain't friends, it's beyond that


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  • I'm guess this is the same girl who broke up with her boyfriend a week before you started dating her. dont listen do you? She isn't truly into dating you dude? You're just the rebound until she gets back with her boyfriend. THAT'S why she is telling you all of this. You mentioned she doesn't even look at you and she seems emotionally disconnected in your last question. Its because she is NOT into you dude. But I suppose you will wait until the situation gets worse before you make a proper decision. Good luck.

    • it's been like 25 days she broke up today and she never talked about her ex to me, we also went out today, went to the cinema today and hanged out at shopping, came to my house then we went to her home and she even showed me her room and stuff, told me a lot about her life today, what makes

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    • Lol, what ever dude. So I guess I'm just making up the info you wrote in the other question you posted. Whatever. Good luck.

    • Hey just wanted you to know, we turned into bf/gf, she has Asperger syndrome..

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  • Possibilities...
    1- She is with you to make her boyfriend jealous
    2- sex reduces depression and after breakups girls usually fall for that affection to a desirable next. Sex is nothing a big issue for western world and western women.
    3- She might have not moved on completely with her ex.
    4- she is indirectly comparing you with her ex. 100% girls do that.
    5- You are like option to her. She is pissed of because of ex and girls cannot forget those guys easily who was rude to her or ditched her.
    Sorry , she's not in to you completely. Love never happens in two weeks. A good friendship takes time. Having sex with her is nothing. Now it depends upon your skills which can make her away from the thoughts of her ex.
    Wait and watch.