I'm so far deep in the friendzone...but the trouble is I just realized it! How do I get out? I feel so pathetic...?

Apparently I've been had. All the things that I thought were indicators that he was interested in me turned out to be DEAD wrong. In a previous question I explained the situation with my best friend Jake and I. Most of the responses told me to ask him about his feelings so I kind of did. So I had a conversation with him about my fears of rejection and brought up the fact that he's never been rejected/felt nervous about being rejected. He said something to the effect of he's glad that there's no one now he likes. Which tore my heart up, because here I was thinking I had a chance. -_- How do I get him to see me? I'm in need of some SERIOUS help here people. I know it's petty, but...is it because I'm not pretty? ~sigh~ I just don't get it.

I told him!! :3


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  • Dear, I think things are better for you than you think! As it turns out, I was not liking anyone either when I met the love of my life. It is a myth that all crushes have to work both ways at first.

    The friendzone is exactly where you want to be. You've shared your feelings with him and I think there is nothing wrong with being cute for him or doing whatever it is like to catch his attention. You've got better chances now that you've talked about it. It might seem obvious to him now, but men actually like it that way. We're not really into the guessing thing.

    Now if you are in the friendzone for a REALLY long time AFTER your conversation, then no deal, got to move on etc... but I don't think it would hurt to slow play the situation, spend more time, and just let it gravitate into something that's not quite dating but is definitely giving you chances to show your sides to him.

    Never know... he might bite.


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  • I disagree with a lot of that article. It's just a bunch of cliches that don't work. People like those who like, or appear to like, them. So you've got to indicate your interest. And you should use conditioning. Try and put the other person in a good mood whenever they are around. If you do most of what she suggests, it won't make him want you more; it'll just make him forget you.

  • If thisJake had any degree of sensitivity, he would have known you were feeling him out about yourself and not given such a hurtful answer.

    He sounds too full of himself to care about anyone else, so..you really haven't LOST anything.

    Any relationship you might have had would have soured pretty quickly

  • this article pretty much covers your question 😊

    • Do you think that these tips will work the other way around? I've seen a ton of these articles for men online...

    • what other options do you have right now?:/

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