Girls, what do you like/dislike about guys online dating profiles?

Girls, what do you like/dislike about a guys online dating profile? I'm going to get back into online dating, but I don't know how to write a good profile that will appeal to women and encourage them to reply to messages I send.

Online dating is such a tricky game, lol.


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  • Talk realistically about yourself. Don't say you like camping and the outdoors if you've only been camping once in your life. Don't call yourself a nice guy; everyone is a nice guy. Tell them what they can truthfully expect from you.

    For example (I'll do mine):
    I'm essentially Dory from Finding Nemo. Friendly, naive, trusting, optimistic, and very forgetful. I smile constantly and I giggle far too much. I enjoy horseback riding although I haven't done it in years because it's expensive. I have strong faith and am waiting until marriage for sex. I tend to show my affection for someone by being playfully mean to them. I love to cuddle but only in private. I have a soft spot for hopeless romantic guys, especially if they can make me laugh.

    Whatever you do, don't put "Message me and find out" in your About Me section. It's wildly annoying. I don't know about other girls, but I'll only message a guy if I see we have things in common. I don't know that if you don't put it on your profile!

    Also, when it comes to first messages, put something other than "hi how are you." Write something personal. It doesn't have to be super charming or creative, but tell her why you decided to message her. We like to think that you don't just copy and paste the same message to every girl you see with a nice picture. Even something as simple as "I love Finding Nemo" or "I'm also not a fan of PDA" would get a response from me.

    • Wow, thanks. So the focus is on being open about who you are as a person? I usually focus on my interest and reading over my old profile I see I talked more about what I'm into rather than who I am as a person. I guess I undervalued the importance of a girl being able to get an idea of who you are as a person, I always assumed that it was best if a girl learned that in person, but back then I was too naive to realize how much crap ends up in a girls message box.

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    • Well I can't speak for other girls, but all I can think of is she may have checked your profile after reading your message and seen something she wasn't interested in.

    • It's all a game of girls being really selective. That's why I don't even understand why OKcupid has the thing where it tells you how likely a girl is to respond. Most of the girls are in the red for responding "very selectively". I try to look on the bittersweet side though, in real life it's the same way, you'll get her number but she'll never respond. So it's not much different :D

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  • I dislike online dating in general. It's way to suspicious and anonymous for my taste. How do you know if you like someone if you haven't met them in person? If they're really flirty and great in texts, but when you meet them they say all the right things and look a bit worse than they do in pictures, but are EXTREMELY BORING...
    You have to KNOW a person, not message them.

    • Yes, I understand that. But online dating is an easier way to meet girls that I wouldn't normally meet at bars, etc. And since it's a dating site it makes it obvious I'm looking for a date.

    • That's makes sense...

  • Just attractive picture

  • People who list a bunch of stuff about what they don't want always seem negative or like they have problems. The girl who says, "No drama" or the guy who says, "No psychos" ... well, it makes you wonder why they think so many people that problem. Perhaps they are attracted to those very traits they want to avoid, right?

    Also, try to get a friend to take a photo of you rather than an arms length selfie or webcam shot. They just look better.

  • I like when they have an interesting and clever bio that is not too long

    I don't like when they have all these pictures of them with other girls even if they think they look good in the picture or a lot of pictures of they drinking or partying or any shirtless gym pictures.


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