Girls never "just text" a guy, right?

so this girl at the job i left a month ago, just texted me out of nowhere for the first time since I left, and asking how i was and that she is leaving soon too. and the conversation soon led to "let's get a drink together sometime"

i know that we have some chemistry and flirted a bit while working together but nothing happened coz i don't sh1t where i eat.

but anyway, is it safe to say that this girl definitely have a thing for me and it's good to go for her?


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  • I'm not sure if she's that into you, but she definitely likes you in some way, so you should go out with her and see what happens. Good luck!

  • sounds promising, but if you have a rule about not dating coworkers I would tell her about it.

    • well we have both left the job now so we ain't coworkers anymore

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