Should I text this guy I meet at club?

I meet this guy on Friday at a club.
My gay friend think he's cute and told me I should go and say hi. I normally never approach a guy in Club or bar but I was little bit tipsy and I been single for long time so 'why Not?'
So I did introduce my self and say Hi
We talk and dance a bit and he was surprisingly nice and doesn't sound like a dick, he's very down to earth and funny and never try anything (normally guy in club always try to get close and touch me or ask for something more , I hate it ).
Anyways I talk a bit then dance with my friend But everytime I walk pass he always look at me and smile. Before he left he ask if I was O.K (maybe he think my friends is not my friend 'if that make sense ') if I want to go with them. I say No but I ask for his number (it the first time I ever ask for guy number on club. I think I'm super drunk that night)
Well I got his number and I wonder if I should text him or not?
If I text him what he going to think? Because I was tipsy and I ask for his number


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  • Normally i don't advice any girl for approaching to the strangers. But with your description i read, i would like to give you a green signal. but hey take care...we guys know how to act nice in front of!


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