Have you ever chosen the "rebound"?

This guy has had a long term relationship with a girl, but they split because he was not ready for commitment. This caused him to meet a new girl, be honest with her.

He believed that he could move on with the new girl since he thought everything was over with the first girl.

But she gave him hints that she still has feelings. So he got scared.. because he still has feelings for her, but developed feelings for the second girl to and is in a dilemma of whats the right thing to do. Be with the girl he's been with for 5 years, or pursue the new relationship.

What would you do? Any stories?


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  • He shouldn't because he isn't ready to move on yet. I got burned by someone once. Took me awhile to regain trust (Im not your run in the mill guy) I am at the point where if I do move on, Im ready. but I keep busy with my life so if it happens, it happens

    • He believed there relationship was over. A girl he was going to marry. He wanted to move on with me, until she surprised him that she still waiting for a ring. I guess I have no chance. Part of me believes that when he thought he lost her the 1st time, he should of been scared and proposed then, not try and move on with me. I guess he wants to string her along till he's ready, wonder how long she'll wait. No hope for me:( Thanks for answering

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    • you seem like a sweet person

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