Am I his back up girl? Should I give up or try harder?

So there is this guy that I really like, we flirt, laugh a lot and tease each other. And are always constantly hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder when we are together. When ever we are alone together it is perfect and we have so much fun.

However, there is another girl, we are all in physics together and it seems that he always goes to her first, when she is not there he will flirt with me and walk me to class and eat lunch with me.

I know he has been to her house and she has been to his dorm and has met his roommate. We worked out together last week and had a great time and after I was going to surprise him and make him dinner bet he said no even after we had a great time working out. Then the next day he went and talked to the other girl again because she was in class after being out sick for a week.

He only texts me to make plans, and I always have to hint or instigate the plans. He use to instigate talking to me in class but now I always have to instigate talking to him.

I know some of these are bad signs but when we are alone together his is perfect and he protects me and when we were at the gym I even saw him check me out (the whole eye traveling down thing).

Oh and he is shorter than me. By like an inch. I don't really care but the other girl is shorter than him, is that a deal breaker?

I really like this guy and I love hanging out with him and flirting and we are getting so close. I just feel like he might be closer to this other girl and I need to know if I should give up on him or try harder.


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  • I went to svhool with a lot of guys like this. They were really nice, outgoing good looking but outside of the class he would be surrounded with girls or friends for me I kind of saw him as not the serious type for a long relationship they were still cool to talk to.
    I would say he just likes to flirt. I wouldn't get involved with him if I were you. I doubt either of you are a backup but merely a girl to give and get attention

  • You need to give up the more you try the more he will pull away