What are the best places to meet a guy?

What are some good places to meet a guy? I go to uni, and have lots of friends. There's always parties at our uni bar, and I have nights out with my friends occasionally. Where can I meet a guy?


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  • In this day and age I don't know why anyone would not be on the internet. They have so many matching type sites why go blind.
    You even have things like Tinder where you can get to know the person first.
    You do not go looking for "mr or Mrs right" at a bar. I am never going to marry a woman I met at a bar. I will screw a woman I met at a bar but that is all.
    If your in college then you always have some kind of parties going on.

  • Parties at the uni bar. Nights out with friends (occasionally). University in general.


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