What is a tactful way to talk to a guy about relationship status?

I have been dating a this guy for months that I like I feel like at times he wants to get serious but holds back, and there are times when I will bring it up in a very round about way and he will dodge it. I would like know where I stand without making he feel like he is on the spot , even though he is kinda I don't want him to run away.


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  • Sorry... your going to have to be direct. If he's been wasting your time and only enjoying parts of a relationship with you, now is a good time to find out. Ask him directly and straight to the point. It's been months, and you deserve a straight answer.


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  • You have already attempted to bring up the topic in a 'round-about' way, and this hasn't worked. It may seem like it's awkward to ask him straight out, but it can also be more awkward and scarey if you are 'hinting' tactfully about the subject, as he will not know completely what you are thinking or planning to ask.

    A really shy guy has half-asked me before about being in a relationship and even attempted to hold my hand. This scared the hell out of me, as I honestly didn't know how he felt, or why he was behaving so shadily.

    Don't think about it too much, get him by himself, do it on a day out together and ask him directly if you could state you're officially a couple now, because you feel you really like him a whole lot more than just a date, that if he wants to he can choose to take it further or just keep dating for now.

    I'm pretty sure this won't scare him off, sometimes you got to be very direct with guys so they know what you mean and feel, if he runs away and can't deal with it, that's his own problem and behaviour.

    Make sure you do it when you are together on a day out or wherever you get to meet or see him, so he is not totally focused on that, then you can enjoy other things together whether this goes well or not, it will be a smoother situation.

    Good luck and all the best x