He got back In touch after months, has the chance for us passed?


Ok so I met a guy on this chat site a while ago, he is my age and we hit it off well. We spoke on phone and don't live in the same city, but after a while he wanted to come and see me. I was always putting him off. I was always saying I would think about it, or just ignoring his request. (For reasons I won't explain, but I had my reasons) most important, I didi really like him.

Well, I think he just got sick and we stopped speaking, he didn't get back in touch. I realised I had pissed him off chasing me, I just deleted his number but I did think about him. Well, the other week he just text me out the blue, saying he wondered how I was, and that he hoped I didn't hate him.

We have been speaking and I'm up for seeing him and he is too, he's planning to get time off work. I said if we are speaking it needs to have a point to it I.e actually meet. He said that's what he wanted all along.

Im just wondering, am I doing right to welcome him back after his departure from talking for six months. Is it ever ok to re kindle something that nearly happened as this isn't a new thing, more of a second go. I don't want to waste my time, but then again I don't want him to think I'm pushing to see him, like I've been waiting around for him. Which I really haven't. I do like him though.

Any help? Xoxo

Sorry, that was meant to say, I DID really like him.


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