Why do I find loud guys very annoying?

Though I'm an outgoing girl, I don't talk to every one at my school and I find loud people annoying as well as those who feel the need to gossip. I don't like loud guys either.

Two of my friends not so long ago tried introducing me to this guy they find very good looking. I was told he was in the varsity team. I found the date so boring. We had nothing in common, he talked too much and base looks there was nothing I saw in him.

I like guy named Chris in my school that is very similar to me; likes reading books (almost always see in in the library), high GPA but he seems reserved. Have talked to him a couple times about school, our majors, etc but don't think he feels the same way towards me; I say this because after a while, he either says ''Well see you tomorrow, I really got to go now'' or looks down on the floor at times (though he did smiled but very quickly and then got serious again; according to some of my friends they say that's a good sign but don't know).

Honestly, I don't even like Justin Bieber.
Yet, when I find guys like me on the intellect side (I also have a high GPA of 3.658 unweighted and my major will be astronomy), it's like they either don't like me or don't seem to want to continue talking to me longer. Or act like Chris.


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  • Maybe Chris doesn't know you like him. Or he has no social skills when it comes to dating. So he doesn't know what to do or how to react.

    I'd expect a reserved guy to not have the skills to date. I mean you said he looks down and all. The signs shows that he doesn't have much confidence with women. He may be a smart guy, and I don't think he is a bad guy.

    But, you need to me MORE clear to him that you like him.

    • Yes he looks down after talking for a while about a school subject. Intellectual he does have because we can be talking about scientific topics and there is something cool about him.
      Some days I feel like asking him out but not sure if he would say yes. I have never asked out a guy before.

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    • Thanks. I'll ask him when I see him Monday.

    • Good luck!

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  • Ummm cuz they are!

    • Yes they are. It's like they have nothing good basis looks and popularity. I wish guys like Chris would like me back. It's like the ones I like that are smart, bookish and reserved ones don't like me.

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    • Yet, there is something about him I like so much. Some of my friends think I'm wasting with someone that isn't showing too much interest and according to them, they see him as average looking while others say that he wouldn't be smiling or talking to me if he didn't like me but he's nervous. One thing for sure I've only seen him talking to few of his close friends but not to any girl nor a large crowd. I think the latter could be possible.
      I had thought about asking him out but don't know if he would say yes.

    • He prob does like you, he's just nervous.

  • I find loud anybody annoying guy or not they get under my skin.


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