So we hooked up, flirted over text for a while, but then never saw him again?

So I don't party or hook up often but the last time I went to a kickback I hooked up with a guy. We exchanged numbers and instantly started texting the day after the kickback. We honestly barely knew anything about each other but he was nice and eager to learn about who I was and my interests, etc. At first, I didn't feel much for this guy since he's not the typical guy I would be interested in (he's a bad boy). But as we continued to text, I started developing feelings because he seemed pretty chill and pretty nice. We flirted quite often; him more than me calling me "cutie" and kept saying he wanted to hangout with me. We texted consistently for about 2 months and tried planning to hangout a few times but it didn't work out. The texting started dying down the last 2 weeks then we just stopped texting altogether. This happened about a month ago and yet I still find myself not over him. I do miss talking to him but I'm not sure if I should text him again because I don't want more feelings to come back. So do you think he's ever going to text me again? Or should I just get over him? Did he actually want to date me or was I just a link in the chain? And also why is it so hard to get over him?


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  • If your going to text him then make sure you hate dates in mind you can hang out. I know life gets busy but not hanging out at all for 2 months I would lose interest fast hook up or not. You might feel a little used cause you don't know if it was a hookup or not, which may be why it's hard to get over him


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  • Well it sounds like you like the attention from him. If you get the feeling that he feels the same way, then why not text him? You certainly enjoy texting with him, so I would keep doing it.

    If it turns into you always initiating the conversation though, I'd start to stop. That indicates that he doesn't feel the same way about you as you do about him. And you'll just end up annoying him if you're initiating texts for no reason other than to talk.


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