He asked me how I feel about him after 3 dates?

I'm 22, he's 28. Known each other for one and a half months, been on 4 dates. After the 3rd date he asked me how I feel about him. I told him I don't know how I feel about him as I don't even know him all that well yet. I turned the question back to him and he told me he'd like to keep seeing me but that he doesn't have any expectations either. I think this is a little strange?

I'm wondering if there could be other reasons in the picture.


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  • He was probably hoping you would tell him how much you like him, and he was probably ready to say the same thing back to you. But since you didn't give that reaction, he played it down.

    • That's the same thing my friends say when I've share this. In all honesty, I do like what I'm seeing but don't you think it's a little too soon?

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    • May I ask how you draw the conclusion 'he was hoping you would tell how much you like him & ready to say the same'?

    • I just figured the way he asked the question, it was an open ended question, he could have gone either way depending on your answer.

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  • He just wants to clarify that you're not an emotionally unbalanced person that's totally obsessed with him.


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  • This is a weird question. There's no possible way to answer this question if I don't know him...
    Maybe he just wanted to see if you liked him - maybe he thought you liked him more than it turns out you actually do.

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