why is she acting weird toward me now?

So this girl and I have been talking for a week or so now. Everything's been great we always text everyday, when were in person she's always giggly and funny. I walk her to class also and Friday I asked her to prom. So id say we are on a good track to a relationship. But ever sense I asked her to prom Friday she's been acting... Different.. I can always guess her mood based on her texting. She was really like I dont know weird. She always has a lot to say but past 2 days she hasn't. Do you think she regrets saying yes to prom?


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  • ask her.

    and telling emotion via text is a rare thing...you can get her to a comfortable space and have a face to fact conversation. tell her you've noticed she's been acting a little different and you just want her to tell you what's up. ask her if prom is bothering her and if she has changed her mind or has concerns, talk to you because you're ok with whatever she's feeling, etc.

  • Id see how she is face to face if she's still distant i would out right ask whats wrong


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