I really like him, but he is wanting to take things very slow...?

Okay so I have this guy friend and well...I am starting to really like him. We have so much in common and share so many of the same opinions. It really is incredible how well we get along.

Anyway...a lot of what we talk about is relationships and dating. So, we have both shared our thoughts and opinions about such topics. He has made it very clear that he really believes in being friends and truly knowing someone before dating them...and I totally agree...well to a certain point.

I really really like him and I am enjoying being friends, but I would really like to know how he feels about me or if he even has intentions of taking things to the "next level" with me at some point.

Is there a way to tell?

I am trying to be patient, but it's hard.


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  • Well, I would just try to hint to him. Give clues that you like him.