Why is he texting me back?

My ex and I have been broken up for 4 months after a 9 year relationship. He has made it clear (so he thinks, and maybe he has but I'm so pathetic) that he is done. Well anytime I text him no matter how small or serious it is he seems to respond. It's not always friendly because we text fight at times but sometimes we actually have a short friendly conversation. Tonight's conversation consisted of me apologizing for bothering him and telling him I would leave him alone and I think I am ready to move on (clearly I am not but I am trying the ol' mind trick). He then started bringing up the things that I have done that were a bit psycho on my part since we have broken up. I just kept my cool and was trying to say alright have a good night but he just kept it up. Finally I just didn't reply back. What the hell, did I p*ss him off or what? If he is so mad then why reply to me in the first place?


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  • I know how you feel. Don"t be mad by some of what I say.

    He said it was over so the best thing for you to do is to do things with friends and family so you don't think about him. texting him is just tearing you apart on the inside exspecally when he replies back. some time it not what you wanted to hear. Knowing that you still have feelings for him after a long relation ship is going to be hard to get past. The best thing that I can suggest to you is not to text him and not to call him. Give him space if his feeling are still there for you he will find his way back. The hard part will be the wait. If you keep texting or calling it will push him farther away.


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